Facebook Pixel – Retarget your Partner’s Website Traffic

by | Jun 18, 2017 | 0 comments

Facebook pixel has become one of my favorite things to play with. But for the longest time, I wasn’t using pixels to their full potential.

I’ve taken courses, classes, and everything inbetween to learn more about Facebook Tracking Pixels. But none of the education taught me this one strategy. It is easy to employ, free to do, and has no known limitations. I don’t know of any other companies out there doing this, but then again – I’m not connected with a ton of internet marketers.

Facebook Pixel for tracking and retargetting

So without further introduction, here it is: Trade Facebook pixels with your partners.

I’ll give you a rundown of how this process works for our company: GCA. Sponsors regularly engage with our association to advertise their services to small businesses doing government contracting. One of the benefits of the sponsorship packages is email and social marketing. During the onboarding call with the sponsor, we simply trade facebook pixel codes with eachother.

Afterwards, we place the partner’s facebook pixel on our webpage. In turn, the partner places our facebook pixel code on their website. Now the partner can retarget traffic that comes to our site and we can retarget their website traffic. It’s the best of both worlds! Both companies are now equipped with an arsenal of new prospects.

Based on the pixel data, audiences can be created of site visitors for retargeting.

While I haven’t heard facebook tracking pixels talked about in this way, I value/see facebook audiences as an email list – just a little weaker. Facebook doesn’t tell us who exactly came to the site, but we can target that visitor for the rest of our lives. Leveraging pixel data across partners has given us the opportunity to touch fresh prospects that were previously unknown.

If you already have partners or relationships to leverage – GO TRADE PIXELS!

If you’re just starting out, contact some of your frienemies and work out a pixel swap. It costs neither of your organizations nothing but will benefit both in the future.

Update: It is possible now to share an audience from one facebook account to another. So I can instantly share the audience I’ve been collecting for years from my website, to you.